Griffin was born on May 31, 2011.  He was born with a heart defect that was detected prenatally.  He spent seven days in the NICU and was released home.  Two weeks after he was born the results of his genetic test came back and we were told he had SMS.  We were shocked and devastated.  The geneticist we saw told us to “enjoy the baby.”  At three months, Griffin underwent open heart surgery at UCLA to repair his heart defect. He then worked aggressively with therapists to learn how to crawl, walk, and use sign language to communicate. Griffin is now five and we can say that geneticist prediction was dead wrong.  Griffin has struggles but continues to bring immense joy into our lives and his big sister’s life.  Even though things are tougher for Griffin than his peers, he works tirelessly to accomplish the things he has set out to do. With the assistance of an aid he attends fully integrated Kindergarten, and works with speech therapists to use and expand his verbal skills. He continues to amaze us with his never give up spirit!