SMS is a very rare syndrome. It is caused by a deletion of genetic material on the 17th chromosome.  The statistics say 1 in 25,000 are diagnosed with SMS but we believe this number is changing as genetic testing becomes more available and less costly.  The syndrome includes a distinct pattern of neurobehavioral features, including: chronic sleep disturbances, hyperactivity and attention problems, prolonged tantrums, sudden mood changes, explosive outbursts, and self-injurious behaviors (e.g., head banging, wrist biting, nail pulling, and teeth pulling). Other common features include: variable levels of intellectual disability, obesity, congenital heart defects, seizures, distinctive facial features, gross motor/fine motor developmental delays, speech delay and articulation problems, low muscle tone, skeletal anomalies, low immune function, and decreased sensitivity to pain.

SMS children are very loving and sweet and bring a lot of joy into everyone’s lives who touch them. 

For more information on SMS go to prisms.org.